B.A. Art of Photography
Pohchang Academy of Arts, Bangkok, Thailand.

Solo Exhibitions

2019 “YOU LEAD ME DOWN, TO THE OCEAN” at Nova contemporary, Bangkok, Thailand

2017 “The Shards Would Shatter At Touch” at Cartel Artspace, Bangkok, Thailand
2017 “The Things That Take Us Apart” at Gallery Seescape, Chiang Mai, Thailand
2014 “Ying Chod Chai Chua” at Toot Yung Gallery, Bangkok,Thailand.
2013 “PARADE” at H Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2011 “NO SUPEREGO” at Toot Yung Gallery, Bangkok,Thailand.
2010 “OXYTOSIN” at Sorrapong, Nakhon Ratchasima,Thailand.
2009 “ILLU-STATION” at Bo{ok}hemian,Phuket,Thailand.

Group Exhibitions

2020 “Escape routes” Bangkok Biennale, Bangkok, Thailand 

2019 “Rushes of Time” State of Motion, Asian Film Archive, Singapore

2018 “The 9th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art”  Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art, South Brisbane, Australia

2017 “Never Never Land” at WTF gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2016 “ Under The Same Sky” at Nova contemporary, Bangkok, Thailand

2015 “LUCIDA” at Speedy Grandma Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2015 “Rates of Exchange, Un-Compared” at Sa Sa Bassac, Phnom Pen, Cambodia

2014 "Hound Are You?" at Greyhound , Bangkok, Thailand

2014 "Threshold" at Bridge art space , Bangkok, Thailand

2014 “Rates of Exchange, Un-Compared” at H Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2014 “RADIATION” at The Art Center-Chula, Bangkok, Thailand

2013 “Anthropos” at Sudaram Tagore Gallery, Singapore

2013 “'Among Strangers” at Gallery Jireh,Seoul, Korea

2013 “Anthropos” at Numthong Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand.

2013 “HOMECOMING” at Fehily Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia

2012 “RADIATION” at Department of Avant-Garde Cliches, Manila, Philippines

2012 “ 0 ” at Speedy Grandma Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

2012 “KID TUNG SUMMER PARTY”, at Commune Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2012 “INTIMATELY”, at H Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand.

2012 “A Part of You, A Part of Me”, WTF Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand.

2012 “On the Threshold of the Senses-New Art from Southeast Asia”, Tally Beck Contemporary, New York City, USA.

2011 “The 2nd Chongqing Biennale for Young Artists”, Chongqing, China.
2011 “Picsique” at Numthong Gallery, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Thailand.

2011 “City of Angels/ Identity Crisis” at Galerie 59 rue Rivoli, Paris, France.

2010 “Ghost in the Photo” at Merz Art Space, Bangkok,Thailand.
2009 “WC Room” at Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Bangkok,Thailand.

Artist Residencies
2017 at Sa Sa Art Projects