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You lead me down, to the ocean

You lead me down, to the ocean 2018 shows underwater scenes of tanks that were acquired by the Thai Army for use in the border dispute with Cambodia. This dispute, which began in 2008, centred on the Hindu-Buddhist temple Preach Vihear (or Prasat Khao Phra Wihan in Thai). These tanks were subsequently scrapped to create an artificial reef, located in the sea off the Narathiwat Province in the southern Thailand, for the tourism market. shown together with extracts from found letters between a Thai soldier fighting in Vietnam in the late 1960s and his loving wife. and a publication made in the tradition of phonebooks Hengsapkul’s video installation invites reflection on the complex role of the military in his country. moreover, the work reveals universal resonances in the artist’s ongoing hope for the development of greater social consciousness by the people of Thailand and the world. - Text by Zara Stanhope