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The Things That Take Us Apart

The Things That Take Us Apart series is a photography exhibition resulted from combining the experimental approach to relationships, exemplified in Tada’s early works, with on-site investigation and research employed in his previous series. This series was created during the artist’s residency in Chiang Mai for one month, where he acquainted himself with the area through reading local newspapers as well as physically exploring different locations, simply guided by memories and narratives retold by the locals. According to such information, the artist discovered that there have been an increasing number of entertainment venues in Chiang Mai are abandoned due to multiple reasons—economic and political, since 2014 onwards. This is true not only for the stand-alone nightclubs, but also those located in hotels such as The Hot Short, Pink Karaoke and the Opium Club. Nevertheless, there remains certain sites that continues to facilitate people’s needs to express their feelings through music or dancing, no matter how joyful or sorrowful they are. Read more...

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